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Review the April 6th Scenario and Recommendations Workshop:

If you weren’t able to attend the Scenario and Recommendations workshop or would like to provide feedback on the redevelopment focus areas, and the Amherst St and Daniel Webster College scenario planning visions, please fill out the survey (linked in the feedback tab).

Review transformative projects in the development focus area pipeline through the City’s ‘Story Map’ HERE.

New to Story Maps? Check out our guide below:

Review the 4th Steering Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, March 24th

We had a Topic Area Discussion on Tuesday, March 2nd 

If you weren’t able to attend the Topic Area Discussion or have more feedback please fill out the survey (linked in the feedback tab). The presentation from the Topic Area Disucssion is below as well.

Tell us what you think!

Place a marker in a location where you have something to say. The three kinds of markers represent the ideas of maintain or protectdevelop or redevelop, and improve. After placing a marker in a specific location, you’ll be able to add a comment explaining the details of what you think should happen there. (If you are having trouble seeing the map below, you can alternatively open it in a new tab or window.)