Imagine Nashua will combine comprehensive community engagement with major plans created in the past 20 years to create an innovative vision for the future of Nashua. This plan will focus on equity, resilience, and climate protection.

What is a Master Plan?

A long-term planning document, focused on land use policies, that outlines a vision for the future of Nashua, with clear strategies and tactics to guide future decision-making and programs across the community. This Master Plan will engage in an inclusive citywide discussion with voices who aren’t typically at the table, to achieve a more well rounded perspective on key policy decisions.

Why are we doing this planning process now?

Nashua’s previous Master Plan was completed in 2000, since then a number of topic- and area-focused planning efforts have been undertaken by the City. This is an important opportunity to take stock of the overarching goals and vision for the city, and provide a consistent guide for long-term municipal policy. Imagine Nashua will build on the successes of the 2000 Master Plan and integrate current existing planning initiatives, into a comprehensive framework guiding future growth in the city.

What topics will be addressed in this Plan?

Arts and Culture
Open Space and Natural Resources
Economic Growth
Land Use and Development
Mobility and Transit


Enagement Timeline

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will work closely with the City and consultant team to provide oversight and guidance on the master plan content, and expand public outreach throughout the Imagine Nashua planning process.


  • Mayor James Donchess, Mayor
  • Cheryl Lindner, Mayor’s Designee
  • Scott LeClair, Planning Board Chair
  • Adam Varley, Planning Board Member
  • David Tencza, Chair of PEDC
  • Raymond Guarino, Nashua School Board Member
  • Heather Raymond, Back-up for School Board Member
  • Kate Luczko, Nashua COC President
  • Paul Shea, GAD Executive Director
  • Dan O’ Donnell, Back-up for GAD (Board President)
  • John Jurczyk, President of St. Joseph Hospital
  • Beth Haidaichuk, Assistant to J. Jurczyk
  • Scott Cote, Designee from SHNMC
  • Raymond Brousseau, BAE Representative
  • Debra Cotnoir, Assistant to Raymond Brousseau
  • Amber Logue, Chair of Masterplan Committee
  • Rabbi Jon Spira-Savett, Ward 1 Resident
  • Marjorie Bollinger Hogan, Ward 2 Resident
  • Gene Porter, Ward 3 Resident
  • Gloria McCarthy, Ward 5 Resident
  • Peter Schaefer, Ward 7 Resident
  • Mary Ann Melizzi Golja, Ward 8 Resident
  • Homa Jaferey, Ward 9 Resident