Citywide Visioning


For Imagine Nashua’s first round of citywide visioning, we will be using the crowdsourcing tool. Using this tool, we are asking all Nashua residents and stakeholders to respond to a set of statements, choosing whether you agree, disagree, or are unsure about each statement. After voting on each statement, you can submit additional statements for everyone to consider.

Submitting a good statement

A good statement should be something distinct from the statements that have been submitted before. If you think one of the previous statements doesn’t quite capture your opinion, if you think you have an improved revision to someone else’s statement, or if you think that a topic is missing from the conversation, then you should submit your idea as a new statement. Statements are shown in different order to different people, so a good statement is short and can stand by itself (in other words, a statement shouldn’t begin with “I agree with the previous statement.”)


While submitting comments and voting, you will have the option to attach your email address, Facebook, or Twitter accounts to Nashua’s poll. You do not need to sign in with any of these. If you do provide this information, you’ll be able to see updates to the conversation as it continues. If you attach your Facebook or Twitter account, you can have your name associated with your new comments.

We do eventually expect to release the full set of votes and responses on this site, and if we do so, we will be sure beforehand that the downloadable dataset does not include names, email addresses, or account identifiers.