Public Meeting #2: Vision & Goals

Invitation Text

We care what you think about Nashua! Join us on January 6th at 6 pm for a virtual meeting to help us dig into the vision and goals of Imagine Nashua! This one-year initiative combines comprehensive community engagement with major plans created in the past 20 years, to craft an innovative vision for the future of Nashua. All meeting details are posted on the Imagine Nashua website: and the City Calendar: .

This is the 2nd in a series of large meetings (virtual) with more this spring, to drill down into the vision for this project and the goals within each of the six topics area (Land Use and Development, Housing, Mobility and Transit, Economic Growth and Development, Open Space and Natural Resources, and Arts and Cultural Resources). In between each of the large meetings we will have many smaller group sessions to try to engage as many cultures and community members as possible through the Imagine Nashua website via polls, surveys and community feedback. If you know of a group we could talk to please let us know.

A year from now we will be updating the City’s Land Use Ordinances to reflect the vision and values developed by the community through this process.

We hope you will join us on January 6th, encourage your friends and family to join in, and engage with us at Please come share all you know and love about Nashua!